Hemorrhoid - "Raw Materials of Decay" CD

Hemorrhoid - "Raw Materials of Decay" CD

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HSR422] Hemorrhoid - “Raw Materials of Decay” CD and Cassette out now from Headsplit Records!

Blister boiling death metal gore grind from pdxxx. 15 oozing sores chock full of bloody blasts & necrotic riffage. For fans of brutal music.

Listen: https://hemorrhoid666.bandcamp.com/album/raw-materials-of-decay

North American CD & Cassette by Headsplit Records.
European CD and Cassette by Extremely Rotten Productions.
LP version to follow later in 2024 from both labels.

Cover artwork by Filtheffigy. Logo by Vilemiscreations. Disc face by Butchereddog. Gore Collage by Rustedwinds. Recorded and mixed by Charlie Koryn at underworld studios January 2023. Mastered by Noah Buchanan 2024.