Inanna "Converging Ages" CD (2022, DWP Remaster)

Inanna "Converging Ages" CD (2022, DWP Remaster)

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Jewel case CD, full color, 8 panel booklet. Pro replicated from glass master, no CDr BS. 

DWP is proud to present to you Inanna's "Converging Ages" now on CD. The tape reissue from us a few years ago brought a new audience to the band and we are happy to see this amazing album get the attention it deserves. This version is remastered and the artwork is reimagined from the original release. 8 tracks of epic, monumental death metal.

Originally released in 2008, "Converging Ages" is Inanna's debut album of monolithic death metal. Hailing from Santiago Chile, Inanna is a powerhouse death metal band which plays music inspired by the likes of bands like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Mithras, Cynic, and Atheist.

Blending slow heaving riffs of brutality with Azagthothian LAVA, and the progressive leanings of classic 90s progressive death metal a la Human era Death, Inanna spares no ounce of brutality. The songs are transcendent, beautiful, and utterly heavy.