Black Wound “Warping Structure” MC

Black Wound “Warping Structure” MC

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Black Wound 

'Warping Structure', the trio's debut full length, conists of six tracks of their dense murky, cavernous death metal, clocking in at just over 40 minutes.

If you were a fan of their previous releases, then you will be suitably disgusted by their new material. The band sound like they've spent an unhealthy amount of time in the deepest, dankest subterranean hovel, with only humankind's darkest nightmares for company.

Having always had a knack for producing uncomfortably oppressive music, they've somehow managed to take crank the aural brutality up a couple of notches. Everything about these tracks growls; the vocals, the guitars, the bass, all layered over the pummelling drums in a way that it feels like all light has been extinguished, and suffocation seems inevitable; the crawling, doomier interludes provide some form of relief before the the ferocious, relentless wall of sound overwhelm again.

I won't lie, 'Warping Structure' is a punishing journey, but once you're immersed in Black Wound's bleak hellscape, you'll find it to be an immensely satisfying listen.