Trenchant - Commandoccult black LP

Trenchant - Commandoccult black LP

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Darkness Shall Rise Productions 2023

Trenchant (US) – Commandoccult

Trenchant marched forward from the hardened heart of Texas in 2016.
Formed by NRS, TND, and GRA, the band made their official debut with the 2018 EP, Martial Chaos, and subsequently released their full-length CD, Commandoccult, on Godz Ov War Productions in 2022.

The band’s profile has continued to rise with the addition of LRA on second guitar for live appearances across the US, with Commandoccult gaining wide acclaim in the underground. Trenchant’s brand of rapid-fire blackened death should not be regarded as simply “War Metal”; it is “World War Metal”, with martial themes revealed through deadly metaphysical channels. For adherents of acts like ANGELCORPSE, IMMORTAL, or IMMOLATION, Commandoccult is a riveting foray into musical combat. Their work is both vicious and anthemic, and it will rouse even the most stoic listener to take arms.

Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony Studios

180g vinyl, ltd 400, 200 x black, 200 x black platinum swirl vinyl, UV varnish, 12-page 12“ booklet, A2 poster.

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Side A:
1. Commandoccult
2. Burning Spires Of Mercury
3. Darkwater Graves
4. Yellow Cross Orison
5. Trumpets Of Jericho

Side B:
1. Atrocity Vision
2. Wardrivers
3. Pyre At The Tarn (Molested cover)
4. In The Fires Of Night