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Hailing from the Sherbrooke/Montréal area of Quebec, Canada's DISEMBODIMENT are devout disciples of early '90s death metal. For them, Incantation's first two albums are perfection, and they equally draw influence from the likes of Grotesque Infection, Disma, Rottrevore, and Undergang among others. But, while the name DISEMBODIMENT might seem like a new one, the band largely picks up from predecessor Oath Div. 666, who released an album, Apocalypse Division, in 2019.

No more but definitely no less, DISEMBODIMENT's first recording, the six-song/15-minute Mutated Chaos, offers all-caps DEATH METAL for death metal maniacs, by death metal maniacs. Theirs is a sound proudly stuck in 1992, lumbering ominously within radioactive slime one minute and then galloping upon broken bones the next, gutted slow-boulder doom one minute and clanging dissonant riffery the next. For a short recording, it's swift and satisfying, and teases the devout for more ungodly death to come. The recording is also remarkably accomplished, sharp and sinewy and crushing in equal measure, with a vintage drum sound to die for.

The old ways are best, when it comes to death metal, and we're inclined to agree with DISEMBODIMENT on evidence of Mutated Chaos!