Fester - Silence MC

Fester - Silence MC

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FESTER - "Silence" Cassette TAPE

"Silence" was originally released in1994 on Austria's classic extreme label, Lethal Records, and took the band in a new direction after the more black metal-oriented "Winter of Sin" album released 2 years earlier. "Silence" is arguably the better of the two records, focusing on moody, gloomy atmospheres and a unique approach to dark melodies. "Silence" is essentially a black metal inspired melodic death metal album, full of hooks and despair. The vocals are a whispered growl, completely unique to the genre, and the album takes you to the deepest, darkest, most desolate forests.

It has been said that "Silence" is a perfect album. We couldn't agree more. Look for the cassette tape soon on SWR, with new improved artwork, limited to just 150 copies! THE RAVEN SCREAMS!!

FFO: Dissection, Katatonia, old In Flames, mid-era Rotting Christ, Bretwaldas

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