Molder "Vanished Cadavers" CD

Molder "Vanished Cadavers" CD

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Debut full length from Illinois' Molder!  11 ravaging tracks of stripped-to-the-bare-bones death metal. Nothing fancy here, just infectious hooks, maniacal vocals, ferocious riffs and an Asphyx cover!

Features contributions from Ted Soukup (Melting Rot)- Guest Vocals - Track 1, Cody Davidson (Putrid Stu/Sanguisugabogg)- Guest Solo- Track 2, Chris Monroy (Skeletal Remains)- Guest Solo- Track 6, Mike Perun (Cianide)- Guest Vocals- Track 6, Tom Knizner (Cardiac Arrest)- Guest Solo- Track 8


2 panel pro replicated CD.