MONGRELS CROSS  - Arcana, Scrying And Revelation (CASSETTE)

MONGRELS CROSS - Arcana, Scrying And Revelation (CASSETTE)

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MONGREL'S CROSS scored quite the coup in acquiring the legendary vocal skills of Absu's incomparable Proscriptor for their third full-length. Bearing the appropriately magickal title of Arcana, Scrying and Revelation, these Aussie hooligans-turned-heroes are set to deliver yet another decisive and undeniable album. MONGREL'S CROSS are on the march, ready to take the throne that's rightfully theirs.
If its no-less-considerable predecessor saw MONGREL'S CROSS step deeper into territory that's entirely their own, here with Arcana, Scrying and Revelation do the bolstered quartet solidify that rarefied ground. Not for them the over-generalization of "Australia = war metal" nor the simplistic connotations associated with such; still peaking at the height of their compositional powers, MONGREL'S CROSS remain a great extreme METAL entity. All the drama and danger, legendry and lawlessness, power and poison, and essential OTT abandon of this art form otherwise known as heavy metal - everything that Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court so effortlessly played out with a palpably physical poetry - here onArcana do they render in more manic narrative form, no doubt informed by Proscriptor's pioneering work with the singular Absu. In fact, it's a match so perfect (and poignant), it's a small wonder it never happened sooner... Regardless, each of these seven screeds artfully canvasses a wide territory of heavy metal magick - the playing deft and nuanced, the songwriting itself direct yet richly detailed - and once again does the clean 'n' gleaming production fit like a gauntlet lined with velvet. In a word, Arcana is EPIC, in every sense.
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