Neurosurgery – Invitation to Die CD

Neurosurgery – Invitation to Die CD

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1. Hatred Leading Us (intro)
2. Invitation
3. Age Of Maggots
4. Brain Scavenger
5. No Need For Tomorrow
6. Tower
7. Towards Mortality
8. Visions Of Blood*

*Visions Of Blood is a remake of the band’s first single.


Neurosurgery is a 5-piece brutal death metal band from the cold grounds of Finland. The band started during spring 2019 and has actively spread their madness within the death metal scene. Music-wise, Neurosurgery’s style is unique and it’s pretty hard to find another band with a similar sound. There can be heard influences from old school death metal to modern deathgrind. Filled with crushing riffs, blasting drums and inhumane grunts. The band is ambitious and has a goal to play a crapload of shows and tours around the globe. With their crushing singles and adrenaline-driven shows they have got the attention in the world of death metal and are now ready to let the world hear their debut album.


Vocals – Turo Myllynen
Guitar – Joakim Lindholm
Guitar – Jonne Liukkonen
Bass – Johnny Grinds
Drums – Alpo Laitinen