VAULTWRAITH - Decomposing Spells (CD)

VAULTWRAITH - Decomposing Spells (CD)

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After being locked away and condemned from humanity for what seemed like an eternity, the vile and mad apparition-musician, The VAULTWRAITH, returns yet again with nothing but the ultimate revenge and vengeance on his foul and diseased mind!

His skeletal hands clawed through an ancient compendium of dark horror stories culled from the most frighteningly EVIL depths that included the diabolically devilish "Mabille de Lancre," a femme-FATAL death-queen of the highest order, as well as a carnivorous coven of wicked perversions and pure Satanic slavery! A hell on mortal Earth comes to life in the tale of a family destroyed by a self-righteous lunatic who kills in the name of her "Lord," while a deceptively beautiful but ultra-violent seductress strikes down her weak prey with a mighty stroke of a blood-drenched scythe to satiate her midnight lusts!

The terror-tales continue when a ghastly spirit from beyond traps the soul of pure innocence in one of the darkest ghost stories ever told, all before a possessed hearse hauntress, a necro-obsessed Succubus, and the VAULWRAITH's rising of an undead army of skeleton warriors determined to annihilate existence brings everything to a final conflagration of flames…

With a true European-horror atmosphere and metallic-laced riffs conjuring BLACKENED HEAVY METAL, complete with Exorcist-vomiting and shrieking vocals from HELL, VAULTWRAITH’s third album, Decomposing Spells, is a 10-track album filled with nothing but the most catchy, memorable, and melodic guitar-solo-drenched songs of pure SKELETONIZED HORROR METAL that you can possibly imagine! From the infamous HELLS HEADBANGERS…the record label that IS proof of the Devil's power!